Best time to soak in the sun

manu ferra (124 of 132)Did you say spring?!!  I love this time of the year since it means lazy brunches and open-air weekends with your family and friends. So, I decided to catch up with some reading last Sunday and relax outdoors. I wanted to get into something simple yet chic, so this is how I styled myself-

I slipped into my favorite H&M shorts with a loose, boy-borrowed fit.Crafted from light-blue denim,  I wore them with a ruffle printed off shoulder top, which was a steal! Some perks of online sales 🙂 You can also pair your shorts with a tucked-in blouse or tee.

The  bejeweled sandals are from Ferragamo’s latest collection.

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Outfit Details:

  • Shorts- H&M India
  • Top-
  • Sandals-
  • Bag-
  • Sunglasses-


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To new beginnings..


My life’s motto is “look good and life shall be good” and I think every girl relates to this feeling from the core of her heart! Being the go-to girl for latest styles, fashion hacks or quirky trends; my friends had started talking me into showcasing my language of style to girls who want to explore their innate fashionable side.

I feel like a celebrity when I style myself, I have always loved dressing up since I was a child. Each day is an occasion for me and I choose to stick to my freedom of expression with love and clothes .

Having worked with fashion magazines all these years, I have understood one thing, that is; one doesn’t have to be rich to look like a celebrity! You can look sophisticated and stylish without breaking the bank. A girl can look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks and that’s how we came up with the name- A Million Bucks…

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They say it takes two to tango, so I knocked at my friend’s door whose a brilliant photographer and told her how badly I wanted to share my individualistic style with the people of the world (thank god she agreed)!

Playing dress up was always close to my heart and here I am sharing my style journey with you all and celebrate creativity of all forms.

Being a hopeless optimist I have decided to give my creative expression a shot and show everyone how to look a million bucks with some very intelligent life hacks! It takes only one step to take the plunge, and I hope its worth it!

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